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OT Incident Response & Recovery Planning

Amovada recognises the critical importance of effective incident response and recovery planning in OT cybersecurity. We offer specialised services to help organisations develop robust incident response strategies tailored to their manufacturing systems. Our approach includes:

Incident Readiness Assessment

We conduct thorough assessments of an organisation's incident response capabilities, evaluating existing processes, procedures, and resources. This assessment identifies strengths and areas for improvement, enabling us to develop a customised incident response plan that aligns with the unique requirements of the manufacturing environment.

Incident Response Plan Development

Based on the assessment, we collaborate with organisations to develop comprehensive incident response plans. These plans outline the necessary steps, roles, and responsibilities to be taken during a cyber incident. We work closely with clients to establish communication protocols, escalation procedures, and incident reporting mechanisms to ensure a coordinated and effective response.

Incident Simulation and Training

To enhance preparedness, Amovada conducts incident simulations and provides training exercises tailored to the manufacturing environment. These simulations allow organisations to practice their response procedures in a controlled environment, identifying potential gaps and refining their incident management capabilities. We also provide training programs to equip key personnel with the knowledge and skills required to respond swiftly and effectively to cyber incidents.

Recovery Planning and Business Continuity

Amovada assists organisations in developing recovery plans that encompass both technical and operational aspects. These plans define the steps and processes needed to restore normal operations, mitigate the impact of a cyber incident, and ensure business continuity. By aligning recovery plans with specific manufacturing systems, we minimise downtime, reduce financial losses, and support a swift return to normal operations.

Post-Incident Analysis and Lessons Learned

Following an incident, Amovada conducts comprehensive post-incident analysis and facilitates lessons learned sessions. This enables organisations to understand the root causes of the incident, identify areas for improvement, and implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. We work closely with clients to develop actionable recommendations and refine incident response procedures based on the lessons learned.

Advantages of Amovada's Incident Response and Recovery Services

By incorporating incident response and recovery planning into our comprehensive OT Cybersecurity services, Amovada offers the following advantages to manufacturing organisations:

Rapid Response

Our well-defined incident response plans enable organisations to respond swiftly and effectively to cyber incidents, minimising the impact on operations and reducing recovery time.

Business Continuity

By integrating recovery planning with incident response, Amovada helps organisations maintain business continuity during and after a cyber incident, ensuring minimal disruption to manufacturing operations.

Improved Resilience

Through incident simulations and training, organisations gain the necessary experience and skills to manage cyber incidents with confidence, enhancing their overall resilience to future threats.

Continuous Improvement

Post-incident analysis and lessons learned sessions provide valuable insights that drive ongoing improvement in incident response capabilities. This proactive approach helps organisations strengthen their security posture and prevent future incidents.


Expert Guidance

Amovada's experienced consultants bring deep knowledge of OT cybersecurity and incident response best practices. With our guidance, organisations can navigate the complexities of incident response and recovery planning with confidence.


Secure your manufacturing systems comprehensively with Amovada's Incident Response and Recovery services. By incorporating incident response planning, organisations can effectively manage cyber incidents, minimise downtime, and ensure operational resilience. Partner with Amovada to develop robust incident response strategies that protect your manufacturing operations and enable a swift recovery from cyber threats.

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