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OT Cybersecurity Strategy


We understand that a strong foundation is crucial for effective OT Cybersecurity. We offer strategic planning services to help organisations develop comprehensive OT cybersecurity strategies tailored to their manufacturing environments. Our approach includes:

Current State Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of the organisation's current OT cybersecurity posture, evaluating existing controls, processes, and technology. This assessment helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential vulnerabilities within the OT infrastructure.

Risk Identification and Analysis

Based on the current state assessment, we work with organisations to identify and analyse potential risks and threats specific to their manufacturing systems. This includes evaluating external threats, internal vulnerabilities, and potential impacts on operations, safety, and compliance.

Security Framework Development

Amovada assists organisations in developing a robust security framework that aligns with industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and the unique needs of the manufacturing environment. This framework serves as a guide for implementing effective security controls, policies, and procedures.

Prioritisation and Roadmap

We work closely with clients to prioritise cybersecurity initiatives based on the identified risks and business objectives. Together, we develop a roadmap that outlines the sequence of actions, timelines, and resource requirements for implementing security measures.

Integration with Business Processes

Amovada emphasises the integration of cybersecurity practices into existing business processes. By aligning cybersecurity with operational objectives, organisations can effectively manage risk while minimising disruption to production and business operations.

Vendor and Supply Chain Management

We help organisations establish guidelines and processes for managing vendors and supply chain partners from a cybersecurity perspective. This ensures that third-party products and services meet appropriate security standards and do not introduce additional risk to the manufacturing environment.

Metrics and Performance Measurement

Amovada assists organisations in defining metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity initiatives. These metrics provide valuable insights into the security posture, help track progress, and enable data-driven decision-making.

Advantages of Amovada's Strategic Planning Services

By incorporating strategic planning into our comprehensive OT Cybersecurity services, Amovada offers the following advantages to manufacturing organisations:


Holistic Approach

Our strategic planning services consider all aspects of the manufacturing environment, including technology, processes, people, and compliance. This comprehensive approach ensures that cybersecurity initiatives align with the unique needs and goals of the organisation.


Customisation and Flexibility

We tailor our strategic planning services to each client's specific requirements. This ensures that the cybersecurity roadmap and initiatives are aligned with the organisation's priorities, available resources, and risk appetite.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Amovada helps organisations navigate complex regulatory landscapes by ensuring that the cybersecurity strategy aligns with industry regulations and standards. This minimises compliance risks and supports a proactive security posture.


Informed Decision-Making

Our strategic planning services provide organisations with valuable insights and data-driven recommendations. This enables informed decision-making, ensuring that cybersecurity investments are prioritised effectively and aligned with business objectives.


Continuous Improvement

Amovada's strategic planning services lay the foundation for continuous improvement. By establishing a roadmap and performance metrics, organisations can track progress, adapt to evolving threats, and continually enhance their cybersecurity posture.



Secure your manufacturing systems strategically with Amovada's strategic planning  services. Our experienced consultants will work closely with your organisation to develop a tailored cybersecurity strategy that aligns with your business objectives, minimises risks, and ensures operational resilience. Partner with Amovada to build a strong cybersecurity foundation for your manufacturing environment.

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