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OT Cybersecurity Assessments

Amovada offers OT Cybersecurity Assessments to help organisations gauge their current cybersecurity maturity levels and identify areas for improvement. Our site maturity assessments review OT cybersecurity practices at both the site and the OT system level. They provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your cybersecurity practices and help establish a roadmap for enhancing your OT security. 

Here's how our OT Cybersecurity Site Maturity Assessments can benefit your organisation:

Holistic Evaluation of OT Security Practices

Amovada conducts a holistic evaluation of your OT security practices, examining various dimensions of cybersecurity maturity, including technical controls, policies and procedures, employee awareness, incident response capabilities, and risk management processes. By taking a comprehensive approach, we provide a clear and accurate assessment of your site's cybersecurity maturity.

Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses

Our assessments identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current cybersecurity practices, allowing you to understand areas where you excel and areas that require improvement. We examine your site's security posture, vulnerabilities, threat detection capabilities, and response readiness to provide a comprehensive overview of your OT cybersecurity landscape.

Benchmarking Against Industry Standards

Amovada benchmarks your site's cybersecurity maturity against industry standards, frameworks, and best practices, such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework, IEC 62443, and ISO 27001. This enables you to understand how your site's cybersecurity measures align with recognised industry standards and identify any gaps that need to be addressed.

Roadmap for Enhancing Cybersecurity Maturity

Based on the assessment findings, we develop a roadmap for enhancing your site's cybersecurity maturity, covering practical and achievable mitigation actions to rapidly enhance the security posture as well as longer term remediation solutions. 

The roadmap provides prioritised recommendations and action plans, tailored to your organisation's specific needs and risk appetite. It outlines the steps required to improve your cybersecurity posture and helps you allocate resources effectively to achieve your cybersecurity goals. 

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Our assessments ensure that your site's cybersecurity practices align with relevant compliance requirements and regulatory obligations. We help you identify any compliance gaps and develop strategies to address them, ensuring that your site meets the necessary regulatory standards and frameworks.

Ongoing Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Amovada emphasises the importance of ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement in cybersecurity. We provide guidance on establishing monitoring mechanisms to track your site's cybersecurity posture over time. This helps you measure the effectiveness of implemented security measures, identify emerging threats, and adapt your cybersecurity strategy accordingly.

Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

Throughout the assessment process, we collaborate closely with your internal teams, transferring knowledge and building their cybersecurity capabilities. We conduct workshops, training sessions, and awareness programs to empower your staff and foster a culture of cybersecurity within your organisation.

On-Site or Remote? A Pragmatic Approach

Amovada takes a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to OT Cybersecurity Assessments, understanding the potential expenses and disruptions associated with traditional on-site assessments. To minimise these challenges, we have developed a hybrid approach that combines on-site assessments with remote or self-assessments, allowing for efficiency and flexibility.

On-Site Assessments

Our experienced cybersecurity professionals conduct thorough assessments by visiting your manufacturing site. This hands-on approach enables us to gather critical information, observe your operational technology systems in action, and assess physical security measures. It ensures a comprehensive understanding of your environment and identifies potential vulnerabilities specific to your site.

Remote Assessments

Leveraging secure remote access, we perform certain assessment activities remotely. This eliminates the need for physical presence on-site, reducing travel costs and minimising disruptions to your operations. This can have the added benefit of allowing these assessments to be broken into several phases, driving focus and further optimising resources. 


We empower your internal teams by providing structured frameworks and tools to perform self-assessments. We guide your team through the assessment process, enabling them to evaluate their own cybersecurity practices and identify potential gaps. This not only reduces costs but also encourages active involvement and ownership from your team.

By deploying a mix of on-site, remote, and self-assessments, we strike a balance between comprehensive evaluation and cost-effective solutions. This approach allows us to minimise expenses associated with extensive on-site visits while still ensuring a thorough assessment of your operational technology systems.


Amovada's OT Cybersecurity Assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of your site's and system's cybersecurity maturity, enabling you to identify areas for improvement, align with industry standards, and establish a roadmap for enhancing your OT security. Contact Amovada today to assess your site's cybersecurity maturity and strengthen your defences against cyber threats.

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